Training Dogs

So, hello there,

I’m about to tell you about some of the things i’ve been learning recently and dog training and canine health

So basically, what I’ve learned is that you should position yourself as the pack leader with your pet


What I mean is that your little friend automatically kinda thinks like he is the coolest thing in the group and you sorta need to establish the who is who dynamic right. I mean your dog when he or she interacts with you needs to know and feel like you’re the leader, like you’re the authority in the situation and that he/she should follow your commands.

It’s really important to establish this thing as fast as possible, the younger your dog the better

Another thing that crossed my mind recently is the idea of being in different situations with your dog and how that helps you develop the bond between you and your dog.

Also it’s quite helpful for you as a dog owner, because it may reveal a lot of your weaknesses and undeveloped parts of you personality.

For example, the biggest thing for me was to learn about the importance of self-reliance. There’s this amazing essay that i think you should definitely read if you want to understand why some people are successful and happy and seem to get things done while others are constantly “almost” getting there.


The essay is called “On self-reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. He was an awesome guy and we all can learn from this essay. The best part is that it’s short so even if you don’t like reading or don’t feel like reading right now, you can still finish it pretty quickly

Aslo I’d recommend you visit this amazing website DOgs bloG and dOg fOOD sEcReTs recIpeS and read about dogs

I’m sure you will like it a lot and it will help you with training your puppy

So yeah, stay tuned and cheers